Veterans Services

We are honored to offer acupuncture at no charge for qualified veterans! A referral for pain relief is needed from the VA and our office must receive authorization prior to any acupuncture therapy for acupuncture treatment costs to be paid by the veterans administration. Simply call or visit your VA medical doctor's office and request an appointment with Dr. M. Catherine McCormick Browne in Harmony, NC; she is listed in the VA internal referral system as a qualified community provider. Once an authorization is received, our office we will contact you by phone to set up your first appointment.


Click here to learn how to prepare for your first acupuncture appointment!


There is no co-pay or out-of-pocket expenses for acupuncture or Tuina medical massage provided for authorized veterans. However, herbs are not paid for by the VA and must be purchased out-of-pocket. Learn why herbs are important for a full recovery here. Dr. Browne and her team are highly skilled in utilizing herbs for pain management, stress management, and all chronic health conditions. Best treatment outcomes can only be expected in patients who are able to comply with herbal therapies, both internal and externally applied. You may only get acupuncture every week or two, but the herbs work every day to heal the body, thus enhancing the effects of your acupuncture treatments. The cost of herbal therapy ranges from $75-150 per month.

While the VA does not allow us to charge veterans for no-shows, we do expect our veterans to provide a 24-hour notice for cancellations. Thank you!


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