Opioid Dependency Detox

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Dr. Browne is the author of Natural Therapies for Overcoming Opioid Dependency nationally distributed by Storey Publishing.

She is an expert in assisting patients in detoxing from opioids with few or none of the withdrawal symptoms normally experienced with the cessation of opioids. More importantly, Dr. Browne helps patients stay off of opioids and regain their long-term physical and emotional health. Patients who follow the recommendations of herbs and acupuncture rarely report experiencing major cravings in the aftermath of withdrawal, thus lessening the occurrences of recidivism.


Once through the withdrawal phase, patients would continue with acupuncture and herbs for 1-3 months, usually receiving acupuncture 1-2 times per week until their body and mind are brought in to balance.


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Rapid detox is the preferred method by those with moderate to severe dependency. It can be useful for those having to travel in as it only requires a week's stay in the area. We offer a rapid opioid detox or assist patients with tapered withdrawal. The difference between tapering, or weaning off of opioids using acupuncture and herbs and a rapid detox is explained-linked here.  Those wanting to wean off of opiates would simply book an appointment through our online calendar, whereas, those wanting to utilize the 5-day rapid detox must pre-arrange this service.


Patients who choose the rapid detox method are scheduled for two treatments per day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and one treatment Friday morning and Saturday morning. Because it can be tricky scheduling a morning and afternoon appointments for four consecutive days, we need to pre-arrange this service. Because there is limited availability, this is a pre-paid service.

Cost: $995 (includes herbs for 7 day detox). 


Does Insurance Cover Opioid Detox?

While most insurance policies do not presently cover acupuncture for opioid detox the cost of acupuncture is a fraction of the cost of typical rehab programs and is less than the co-pay of a typical 30-day recovery treatment program.


I Would Like to Discuss the Opioid Treatment Plan with Dr. Browne Before Scheduling Treatments

No Problem; you will want to schedule a 45-minute health evaluation online here. The cost is $295


How Do I Prepare for a Rapid Detox?

Patients typically discontinue their use of opioid medication or self-administered opiates 8-12 hours before their first acupuncture treatment. If opioid medications are used during the week of opioid detox the patient risks experiencing withdrawal symptoms following the treatment; i.e. they will delay withdrawal and experience the symptoms without the benefit of the counter effects of the acupuncture and herbs during that week. Further instructions are provided with the intake paperwork once you sign up.

What Happens After Rapid Detox?

Patients then begin using herbs to rebuild their health (not included in price). Local patients can return to Dr. Browne's office twice per week for a month and then one time per week for the next month typically depending on their needs. Those traveling can use the herbs and attend acupuncture in their local area.


How Does it Work?

Among therapies commonly recommended by medical authorities, acupuncture is the most specific in targeting the endogenous opioid neuro-system. Acupuncture induces the release of endorphins to cope with pain and opioid cravings better than other non-pharmacological approaches according to scientific research.[1]  Most people who have become dependent on opioids fear the excruciating withdrawal period that follows cessation of opioids such as spasms, violent nausea and vomiting, extreme anxiety, insomnia, sweating, and cravings. This is not only deterrents to attempting recovery but also lead to the abandonment of recovery efforts and the high recidivism rates that we see in opioid treatment.  All of these symptoms can be alleviated with acupuncture and herbs commonly. 


Beyond withdrawal, acupuncture and herbs will bring your body and mind into balance leading to true wellness, emotional balance, and the possibility of an inspired purpose-filled life. While it is a healing process that may span many months, acupuncture therapy is worth considering!


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