Medicinal Herbs

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Our clinic features an herbal pharmacy utilizing over 300 substances, mostly organic.  Dr. Browne was an organic herb farmer for over 16 years beginning in 1983 and has had a passion for everything natural, organic and pure for over three decades.  


We provide custom herb formulas for our patients in the clinic. These herbs are a vital complement to acupuncture therapy and ensure the best outcomes. If you do not require herbal therapy you will not be advised to use herbs, but most patients do need the herbs for a full and speedy recovery.


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Many new patients will mention that they already tried herbs. However, they never used herbs as a comprehensive holistic treatment utilizing a Chinese medical diagnosis. We aren't some health food store giving you stuff off the shelf we thing might help you; we are giving you an herbal prescription that we know will help you based on your specific diagnosis.


Why Use Herbal Therapies?

Improved Outcomes!

Dr. Browne sees dramatically better results when herbs and acupuncture are used together! Dr. Browne has over 35 years of experience as a professional herbalist and is an expert in the field of herbs; you should take advantage of her extraordinary knowledge!

Low Cost!

We can provide customized formulas containing mainly certified organic herbs plus topical pain/healing remedies for around $150 per month! This is unheard of!

Better Overall Health!

You may be coming to acupuncture for your back pain, knee pain, or other specific issues, but the potent tonic herbs we use will improve the function of each organ system for better overall health!

Herbs Will Improve Your Mood!

We include mood-enhancing herbs and adaptogens that help you cope with stress better in customized formulas!

Herbs Can Improve Your Sleep!

If you are having trouble sleeping through the night soundly, herbs will help!

You Will Have More Energy!

We include Qi tonic herbs in custom formulas when needed; these are not stimulants like coffee, but actually give you even-flowing energy throughout the day.

They are easy to take!

We put your custom formula into capsules and provide an AM remedy and a PM remedy in most cases!

Herbs Reduce Pain!

Like acupuncture, herbs have anti-inflammatory actions and help to move blood and qi to resolve pain. While you may only receive acupuncture treatments every week or two, herbs can work every day to reduce the intensity and frequency of your pain!

Herbs Resolve Root Deficiencies!

Did you know that chronic knee or lower back pain are likely related to Kidney Deficiency according to Chinese medicine; this is often true even when the pain was due to an old injury. Kidney Deficiency can also cause fatigue, low sexual energy, and anxiety. It is nearly impossible to resolve Kidney Deficiency with acupuncture alone. Effective Kidney tonic herbs are included in your custom blends when indicated!


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