Fees & Services

In almost all cases, you can use your Flexible Spending Health Account (FSHA) credit card for acupuncture treatments at our office. We do not file for insurance payments or communicate directly with insurance companies. We do provide a receipt at the time of services when requested so that you can personally file a claim for your treatments if your healthcare insurance covers acupuncture.


Initial Acupuncture Evaluation & Treatment $125

Includes health evaluation and Body/Mind balancing acupuncture treatment. 

Follow-up Returning Patient Acupuncture $125


Health Evaluation & Herbal Consult w/Dr. Browne: $295

Does not include acupuncture, herbs or supplements. This service must be pre-paid for at the time of booking. We will send an invoice.


How Much Does Acupuncture Opioid Recovery Cost?

The average opioid patient spends about $2,500 for withdrawal, herbs, and follow up treatments at our clinic. However, the amount can vary depending on the severity of imbalances that the patient is trying to resolve; i.e., some people have more pain and health problems than others and will need more treatment. The compliance level of the patient also helps determine how long they will need acupuncture to achieve true wellness; i.e., if you don't show up for acupuncture treatments regularly or take your herbs regularly it is going to take longer and cost more to feel emotionally and physically well.


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