We are not accepting new patients at this time.


We require a 24 hour notice for cancellations

Understandably, to run a sustainable wellness clinic we need for patients to show up to their scheduled appointments. We will have to charge you for your appointment if you are a no-show or give less than a 24 hour notice. (See veterans services for exceptions)


New patients will receive a link to online forms to fill out. If you prefer, you can download the forms and fill them out by hand. New patients must either fill out the online forms, bring these completed forms linked below to their 1st appointment, or show up 20 minutes early:

-New Patient Intake Form

-Consent to Treat Form


How to Prepare for Your Appointment


Please come to your appointment freshly showered. We are needling in to the skin and studies have shown that alcohol wipes (which we use) don't work as well as soap and water to remove bacteria from the skin so scrub up. Some of the most effective points for back pain, headaches, etc. are in the feet, so you will want to scrub those toes too!


Wear loose fitting clothing such as athletic clothing with elastic bands. You should be able to pull your pants legs up over your knees and your shirt up over your elbows. You do not have to disrobe for acupuncture treatments and time doing so will take away from your allotted scheduled treatment time.


We are a fragrance free office. Do not wear heavy make-up, scented lotions, or any fragrances in to the clinic. This is because we have many patients with allergies and sensitivities to synthetic fragrances. We do use natural and pure essential oils derived from plants throughout the office though.


Show up to acupuncture comfortably fed and hydrated. Some people have needle reactions and feel faint with acupuncture when they are very hungry. Treatments will work better if you are not starving when you receive them.


If you practice tongue brushing, please do not brush your tongue for 24 hours prior to your appointment. This is because tongue diagnosis is part of Chinese medicine. Brushing your teeth is fine.


Smoking restricts the vessels and is counterproductive prior to acupuncture as the whole point of acupuncture is to get the blood and Qi moving. Plus, if you just finish a cigarette in your car and walk in to the clinic it really leaves a strong odor; we have to spray treatment rooms after smokers leave. Also, please do not smoke in front of the clinic as the smoke drifts in to the clinic.


A few suggestions to help you get the most out of your visits:
  • Plan to arrive a few minutes early to your appointment to use the restroom. You definitely do not want to rush in 10 minutes late and end up having your lovely session cut short, so allow time for traffic delays.  

  • If you want to chat before your appointment, schedule a consult as you want to fully enjoy your treatment session rather than losing your opportunity for an optimally full treatment. 

  • Avoid other energetic treatments, massage, or chiropractic for 6 hours after your treatment, and try to remain relaxed for as long as possible after your treatment. A heavy workout after acupuncture may be counter-productive.

  • Many new patients show up with questions such as “How does acupuncture work?” or “What is Qi?” expecting the acupuncturist to condense the vast theories of Chinese medicine in to an explanation made in 10 minutes or less. It is not possible for you to understand Chinese medicine quickly. When the acupuncturist has to answer these questions valuable scheduled treatment time is lost. It works out better for you to peruse the books available in the waiting room if you are curious about how acupuncture works rather than squandering your treatment time.

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