Acupuncture Treatments & Herbal Perscriptions

Dr. Browne is an expert of Traditional Chinese Medicine with decades of experience utilizing medicinal herbs and acupuncture. She also has highly advanced training in Chinese medical diagnosis. Additionally, she is a published author of a book detailing pain management and opioid withdrawal protocols using Chinese medicine.
"My core strength as a practitioner is in the ability to quickly form an accurate diagnosis; there is no way to form effective treatment plans and herbal prescriptions without a sound diagnosis. 
I like to see progress withing 3-6 weekly treatments and most patients will wean-down to treatments every week after 8 treatments, and monthly after 10 treatments. 
While results do vary from patient to patient, it is my intent to deliver good outcomes in a relatively short amount of time; much of this is due to the herbal prescriptions featuring pristine organic herbs that my patients take every day".

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