Effective Non-Opioid Pain Management!

Introducing Neuropuncture!
Dr. William VanNess III MD, FAAPMR and Dr. Catherine Browne, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., RH work together to provide acupuncture treatments based on groundbreaking electro-acupuncture research.
Dr. VanNess was an early adaptor of non-pharmacological pain reduction techniques and is an expert in diagnosing the origin of pain through nerve pathways; so much so that he is sought after by surgeons to remotely observing the electrical activity of nerves during surgery and evaluate how the surgical process is affecting nerve pathways.
Dr. Browne is an expert of Traditional Chinese Medicine with decades of experience utilizing medical herbs and acupuncture. She also has highly advanced training in Chinese medical diagnosis. Additionally, she is a published author of a book detailing pain management and opioid withdrawal protocols using Chinese medicine.
Together, these two authorities in the field of pain management provide targeted and long-lasting pain relief for patients through modern medicine and ancient healing methods.

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